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Analytics and Automation

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game for Security and Safety Services.

Edge Analytics

Analytics processed at the edge (camera or sensor) in real time.

Cloud Analytics

Analytics that are processed at the cloud level - with a much deeper dive.

Workflow Automation

Take Action. Workflows initiate within milliseconds of an alarm trigger.

Custom Solutions

Need a customized workflow or analytic for your business? Let's Chat.

Loitering Detection

Detect and deter loitering from your property or business, automatically.

Fire and Smoke Detection

Detect smoke and fire, often before the fire detection system.

Firearm Detection

Detect Long and Short Firearms, take action, and save countless seconds.

Person Detection

Detect Persons as soon as they enter the field of view, as needed.

Vehicle Detection

Detect vehicles and direction, as they enter the field of view.

License Plate Recognition

Detect approved or banned license plates and verify access autonomously.

Virtual Fence

Create a virtual line and take action when an object crosses into the field of view.

Object Detection

Detect persons and vehicles, of any type, and respond accordingly.

Permiter Defence

Detect and Respond when people or vehicles enter your property.

Heat and Temperature

Detect temperature variances and breach of threshold, automatically.

Motion Detection

Detect motion within a defined area within the field of view.

People/Object Counting

Combine stereoscopic imaging with 3D analytics for reliable people counting.

And So Much More

Analytics, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence are changing the landscape of Security Services. Going past just what a camera or sensor can do. Insights into Action.

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