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Enhance your business’s protection program. We offer comprehensive
and reliable security services tailored to meet the specific needs of your environment.
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Core Security Services was established in 2023 with the aim of providing
Security Solutions to the communities and businesses of which we work and live.
Safeguarding what matters: Our catalyst for success.

Virtual Guard Services

Amplify your Security Presence, contact us today to learn more.

Integration Services

We're on the clock 24/7. Built to serve your needs. Custom solutions available.

Adaptable Solutions

Anywhere, Anytime Security Solutions to better protect your environment

Advanced Surveillance

Add Advanced Cameras to your set up and step up your security, automatically.

Discover the Difference of Core Security Services


Our security staff is trained to standard and developed throughout the course of their employment.


Our Security Teams act quickly in the event of an emergency and to capture key information assessed throughout.


No matter the size of your business and the personnel needed we can grow with you.


Safety and Security are our culture. Through on hand Training we strive to better your environments.


Our Pricing is affordable and competitive. No matter your budget we’ll work to negotiate a working model that fits your need.

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