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We understand the stringent requirements that your company faces and strive to provide the best security solutions that match. From understanding OSHA regulations to controlling access, and more our aim is to assist your company in securing your facility or location.

Key Advantages to Security

Reducing Theft and Diversion
Controlling Access
Incident Coordination

Key Risks and Challenges

Theft and Diversion
Insider threats
Human Error

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Focus: Petrochemical & Access Control

A 2022 report by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB) detailed the significant risk and occurrence of accidents and incidents in petrochemical facilities across the United States. Between 2013 and 2021, 287 such incidents were documented, leading to 21 fatalities and 1,572 injuries. The comprehensive study identified equipment failure, human error, and process safety issues as the predominant causes of these unfortunate occurrences.

In addition to the analysis of past incidents, the report also surveyed current security challenges faced by organizations in the industry. Physical security emerged as a primary concern, with 63% of respondents emphasizing its significance. This pertains to safeguarding facilities, equipment, and materials against unauthorized access, and it encompasses the prevention of theft, sabotage, and terrorism-related activities.

Process safety was cited by 51% of the participants as a crucial security challenge, focusing on preventing incidents contributing to injuries, fatalities, environmental harm, or substantial property loss. Fire and explosion prevention was another notable area of focus, acknowledged by 48% of respondents. The prevention strategies in this category aim at avoiding the occurrence of fires and explosions and mitigating potential damages ensuing from such incidents.

We can Help: Access Control – Redefined.

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With our experience, we understand Access Control and your priorities. We also understand how to make your experience better all while saving room in your budget.

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Core Security Services provides tailored security solutions, from advanced technology to security professionals.

We understand the importance of your industry and strive to provide the best customer service possible while employing security best practices.

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Security Services

Workplace Violence Active Shooter Training

Acts of violence happen for a wide range of reasons - sometimes it's a disgruntled employee other times it's an outside threat. Regardless, your business, employees, and community suffer greatly. Core Security Services, through technology, training, and prevention development plans can help.

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Installation and Integration Services

Ready to upgrade or integrate your security system? CCTV systems with Live Monitoring are able to reduce unwanted activity and report key information into your location.

Surveillance, Analytics, Investigate Liability

Overwatch: Advanced Surveillance and Firearm Detection

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game of Security Services - find out how it can benefit you. Firearm Detection and Advanced Access Control you can count on.

Deterrent, Surveillance, Customer Service, Analytics

Virtual Gate Guard

Control Access, deter unwanted activity, and overcome labor shortages, automatically. Manage inbound and outbound traffic, control gate arms and access all remotely.

Deterrent, Surveillance, Customer Service, Analytics

Live and Remote Monitoring

Live and Remote Monitoring for your job or project. Available in select packages with local operators. Our standard package includes 24 hours of monitoring by a team of physical persons and Artificial Intelligence. Giving you peace of mind, and actionable intel into the location of your project or facility.

Surveillance, Customer Service, Analytics, Fire Watch, Investigate Liability

Guard Services

Core Security Services, the customary solution for your physical security needs. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and serving the surrounding area, our Guard Services Division is built around an ever-changing world.

Deterrent, Surveillance, Patrols, Customer Service, Analytics, Fire Watch

Adaptable Surveillance Units

Guard Services are robust and an excellent investment in physical security but they can be expensive. Enter The Mobile Surveillance Unit - a platform designed to deter and monitor your project or job at an affordable monthly price.

Deterrent, Surveillance, Analytics, Fire Watch, Investigate Liability