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At Core Security Services, we understand the nature of industry, OSHA requirements, and the many accompanying stringent regulations. What separates us from the others is the aspect of our flexibility. No matter your requirements, we will build our teams to suite.

Chemical & Petrochemical

We understand the stringent requirements that your company faces and strive to provide the best security solutions that match. From understanding OSHA regulations to controlling access, and more our aim is to assist your company in securing your facility or location.

Reducing Theft and Diversion
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Distribution & Warehousing

You move what matters, let us help secure your facility so you can get back to doing business. Distribution and logistic centers are often faced with insider threats and cargo misdirection. Adding a Security checkpoint can prevent common mishaps and reduce overall risk. We offer both technological solutions as well as security officers to best reduce your exposure.

Verification of Destination


Safeguarding the next generation - our Security Professionals and our technology strike the balance in the environment of education. From Advanced Access Control and Live Monitoring to Security staffing and Adaptable Security Solutions.

Reduce Unauthorized Access

Residential Community Security

Where we live and where we work deserve the same sense of security and safety. Our Residential Community Security Professionals are geared towards safeguarding your tenants, professionalism, and providing customer service to your most valuable persons - your residents.

Access Control

Project Security – Construction

From deterring material theft, to monitoring for trespassing, to project progress. Our solutions are designed to assist Construction Management in project efficiency and security.

Reduce Theft

Corporate & Office Complex

Your corporate office is your home away from home - we understand the required customer service and physical security risks present. Our Security solutions are designed to better your environment, professionally.

Reduce Unauthorized Access

Healthcare and Hospital Security Services

From watching patients to monitoring parking lots and deterring unwanted activity. Core Security Services Healthcare Vertical is built to suite your unique environment. Our aim is to assist in ensuring a safe and secure environment for your staff and your visitors.

Reduce Workplace Violence

Retail & Commercial Real Estate Security

Security Professionals, accompanied with loss prevention best practices and technologies, are the integral part of protecting your product or your tenant's product at your facility. Our Security professionals can assist in deterring illicit activities, reporting crime, and responding to emergencies.

Deter Violent Crime and Theft

Manufacturing & Industrial

We understand the unique challenges that manufacturing and industrial businesses face when it comes to security. We offer tailored security solutions to protect your assets and enhance your operational efficiency. With our expertise and technology, you can secure your facility and focus on what you do best – manufacturing excellence.

Reduce Unauthorized Access