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Let’s Keep Their Property Secure.

Rental Storage Properties are often the victims of both vandalism and theft – keeping your customers valuables secure is an everchanging task. In 2021, there were a reported 40,351 instances of burglary in the United States at various rental storage facilities.

Surveillance Cameras are an excellent deterrent. But let’s take Security a step further.

Live Monitoring, for a few cents per camera, per hour can create real-time responses to security related events.

Keeping your customers information secure is our top priority. Just like keeping their property secure is yours.

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Automated Access Control.

The future of access control is here. Keep the bad actors out, automatically.

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Live Monitoring

Our standard package includes monitoring by a team of physical persons and Artificial Intelligence. Giving you peace of mind, and actionable intel into the location of your facility.

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Installation Services

Core Security Services Integration and Installation services are completely customizable to fit your unique environment.

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Better Security, Better Solutions.

Mobile Surveillance units are best suited to deter crime and bad actors from your environment for a fraction of the cost of a Security Guard.

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Affordable Security

Measures such as Security Professionals can effectively reduce risk, although – they cost on average $168,000 annually. The Mobile Surveillance Unit costs roughly 14% of that for one unit. In one location you could place seven Mobile Surveillance Units which equates to having seven security guards monitoring a single job or facility for the same dollar amount of a single Security Officer.

The answer is clear.

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