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No Power + No Internet = No Problem.

Reducing loss in parking lots for a fraction of the cost of Security Guards. The Mobile Surveillance Unit is an adaptable Security camera system that can provide data-driven analytics into your property. Security, from the outside – in.

Reduce Theft, Vandalism, and Unwanted Activity on your property.

Mobile Surveillance – Adaptable Security

Securing your parking lot or open space in as quick as 30 minutes. The Mobile Surveillance Platform is designed to deter theft, vandalism, and bad actors. All while enabling you to monitor your property, investigate claims, be on the lookout for fires, and so much more.

Adaptable, Anywhere Security.

Facts about crimes that occur in parking lots and open spaces:

  • 1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or garages
  • A car is stolen from a parking lot every 23 seconds in the United States.
  • Two million crimes occur in parking lots every year
  • $6 Billion in Property Loss is associated
  • 7.3% of all violent crimes occur in parking facilities
  • 16% of those crimes were violent crimes and assaults

Safety is your customers and your tenants top priority. Out of 1000 persons nearly ninety percent state that crime affects their shopping habits.

Take Action, Protect Your Brand and Your Property.

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