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Close The Gaps in Your Security Coverage.

Affordable hospital security cameras that increase deterrence and reduce crime for a fraction of the cost of a security guard. The Mobile Surveillance Unit is designed to assist Healthcare and Hospital Institutions with data-driven analytics and to create a secure environment from the outside in. Parking areas and garages have remained a hot spot for all industry types across the board. Each year there are reportedly 2 million instances of theft and burglaries from parking lots and garages across the United States.

Many hospitals across the United States already have security programs – our solution adds to that.

Deterring Theft, Vandalism, and Bad Actors from Hospital Parking

The Mobile Surveillance Platform is designed to deter theft, vandalism, and bad actors. All while enabling you to monitor remote areas, investigate claims, be on the lookout for fires, and so much more.

Adaptable, Anywhere Security.

Affordable Security

Measures such as Security Professionals can effectively reduce risk, although – they cost on average $168,000 annually. The Mobile Surveillance Unit costs roughly 14% of that for one unit. In one location you could place seven Mobile Surveillance Units which equates to having seven security guards monitoring a single job or facility for the same dollar amount of a single Security Officer.

The answer is clear.

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