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5MP LightHunter Mini PTZ Dome IP Security Camera with Autotracking...

Uniview's Active Deterrence Mini PTZ, featuring LightHunter illumination technology, provides a discreet yet highly effective security camera solution for areas where both visual and audible presence are essential, serving a wide range of practical applications from...

Key Features:

Deep LearningDeterInfraredIntrusion Detection
Uniview5MPNDAA Compliant
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Integration / Installation Services

Always, Anytime Security.

Key Features:

Anytime SecurityCloud StorageNDAA ComplianceRemote

UNV: 360 Degree Fish Eye Camera 12 MP 4K Resolution

Capture it all, with the 4k Fish Eye.

Key Features:

UNV: 4MP Deep Learning IP67 Weatherproof PTZ IP Security Camera

The power of Deep Leaning in the palm of your hands. This cutting-edge camera showcases a range of advanced capabilities enabled by AI, including auto-tracking, face detection, and people counting.

Key Features:

Deep LearningIntrusion DetectionPeople Counting

4MP LightHunter NDAA-Compliant Mini Dome IP Security Camera

Small and Mighty, the 4MP Light Hunter, NDAA Compliant camera is unique and powerful in it's application. The camera is waterproof and can record audio without any additional wiring.

Key Features:


UNV: 4MP Dual Lens Weatherproof Camera System

Be prepared to safeguard your assets with the power of the ever-watchful Dual Lens Camera System. Now, instead of outright purchasing this product - subscribe to a monthly service and receive the camera system with the...

Key Features:

Dual StreamsLighthunter

Mobile Surveillance Units

Adaptable, Anywhere Security.

Key Features:

Anytime SecurityCloud StorageDeterNDAA Compliance