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5MP LightHunter Mini PTZ Dome IP Security Camera with Autotracking and Deep Learning AI

Single Unit: $529.00

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NDAA Compliant

Key Features

Deep Learning, Deter, Infrared, Intrusion Detection, Lighthunter, Vandal Resistant

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Uniview’s Active Deterrence Mini PTZ, featuring LightHunter illumination technology, provides a discreet yet highly effective security camera solution for areas where both visual and audible presence are essential, serving a wide range of practical applications from deterring theft to monitoring restricted access, all with exceptional low-light performance and smart features for added security.

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Product Description

Uniview's Active Deterrence Mini PTZ, featuring LightHunter illumination technology, is the ultimate choice for locations demanding a security camera that commands attention both visually and audibly. Housed within the compact frame of Uniview's outdoor mini PTZ, this camera's installation footprint remains inconspicuous. It offers a far less intrusive presence compared to a standard PTZ, ensuring the spotlight shines on it only when necessary.

If you have areas susceptible to vandalism or heightened sensitivity, places where it's crucial to alert potential intruders or trespassers to their surveillance, then this camera is a must-consider option.

Think of scenarios like deterring copper theft from air conditioners, monitoring unauthorized parking, or preventing access to restricted areas. This camera boasts a multitude of practical applications.

Furthermore, Uniview's LightHunter technology equips this camera with superior performance in low-light conditions. It ensures crisp and clear nighttime video with its potent and intelligent infrared LEDs, offering an impressive IR range of up to 164 feet.

Equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio, a red and blue strobe light, an integrated siren, and intelligent human body detection, this active deterrence PTZ camera may well be the perfect addition to bolster your surveillance system.

ONVIF Compatibility

Integrating this camera into your existing security system is a breeze. It is fully compliant with the protocols established by the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). As long as your current recorder supports ONVIF compatibility, you can seamlessly set up this camera with your current system.

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