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Core Security: Integration / Installation Services

Always, Anytime Security.

In the face of crime and unwanted activity - protect your business with Technology. Integration and Installation Services by Core Security offers insight into the happenings of your location whether that be a small storefront or an Enterprise application. Combine our integration services with Live Monitoring and be on the edge of protecting your business.

Integration Services:

  • Live Surveillance - Active Deterrence
  • Anywhere Connectivity
  • Alarm System Installation
  • Access Control System Installation
  • Camera System Installation
  • Radar Detection System Installation
  • Smart Intrusion Prevention
  • Remote/Live Monitoring Enabled
  • Analytical Intelligence
  • Live Talk Down
  • Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise, and Dedicated Plans Available

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Key Features

Anytime Security, Cloud Storage, NDAA Compliance, Remote

Tech Type

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Plans and Packages

Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise, Religious Service



Compliance Profile

NDAA Compliant

Available Products

5MP LightHunter Mini PTZ Dome IP Security Camera with Autotracking and...

Uniview's Active Deterrence Mini PTZ, featuring LightHunter illumination technology, provides a discreet yet highly effective security camera solution for...

Integration / Installation Services

Always, Anytime Security.

UNV: 360 Degree Fish Eye Camera 12 MP 4K Resolution

Capture it all, with the 4k Fish Eye.