CORE Network:

Retail Secuirty
Deter and Report Loss

Security Professionals, accompanied with loss prevention best practices and technologies, are the integral part of protecting your product or your tenant's product at your facility. Our Security professionals can assist in deterring illicit activities, reporting crime, and responding to emergencies. Click a blue dot to learn more below.

Parking Lot patrols designed to prevent accidents, curate the flow of traffic, and to initiate access control.

Security Professionals Scope of Work designed to better serve your customers. Each Security Professional is tasked with industry and site specific training modules, passing required, before hands on training at your location.

Be aware of your delivery times, and the flow of product to and from your location. Protect your investment, know what is supposed to be delivered and what’s not.

Security Operations Center Overwatch – the birds eye view to the happenings of your location. Deter bad actors, and record unwanted activities.

Deter and Report Loss – our Security Professionals understand the importance of your inventory and are actively working to ensure it enters the right hands for the right reasons.

Win more customers by alerting them to accidents and or problems at their vehicle; such as their headlights being left on.