ULTRACORE SECURITY AND DETECTIVE AGENCY LIMITED CORP. a sister company of CORE WATCHMEN, SECURITY AND DETECTIVE AGENCY CORP. was established on September 23, 2004. It started its operations as a security agency after the issuance by the Securities and Exchange Commission of its certificate of registration on October 04, 2004. It has since then actively participated in the competitive business of security agencies not only in Metro Manila but also nationwide.

When you are serious about your security needs you want to deal with a professional organization that understands your concerns and that can provide the trained personnel you need. We design custom solutions to your security concerns.

Before accepting any assignment we will make a security survey to assess the risk level and requirements. We provide a written threat assessment which highlights vulnerable points and recommend courses of action to overcome potential problems before they arise. We then select the trained personnel to undertake the task.

Importantly, we do our own training. At Core Security we impress on all our people from the outset, the importance of a sound mind and quick thinking in times of a security crisis or other high-risk emergency. Our training starts in the classroom where the principles of client care and the knowledge required for the prudent handling of critical situations are instilled in our trainees. These course are conducted by highly skilled instructors who have had many years experience in the industry.

For those who make the grade, the second phase of training provides the skills needed to provide round the clock protection in all situations. Our people are trained in weaponry and combat skills by professional marksmen. We also teach unarmed combat so that our people can avoid armed confrontation wherever possible.

Above all, we have imbued in all our people, the standards of discipline and security training necessary to control and handle a variety of situations with the protection of our client considered to be the utmost importance. We at Core are ready and able to respond to all your security needs.